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Thursday January 21, 2021

Key topics to look forward to:

1. Still looking for new council members

2. Planning events and volunteer programs for the year

3. Open Discussion

If you want to learn more about any Council activities, have ideas, questions, concerns, please join us at a meeting!!

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If you are unable to attend our meeting, please send a note with your interest or comments to sprucecourtschoolcouncil@gmail.com.

School Council Executive

Co-Chairs - Kate Estock and Karen Smiley

Co-Secretary - Lindsay Matheson and Erin Edwards

Co-Treasurer - Brad Jarman and Colleen Arsenault

Webmaster - Deyvison Medeiros

Future meetings

Wednesday February 9, 2022

Tuesday April 5, 2022

Wednesday June 08, 2022


  • Play games at Family Math Night

  • Help a student learn to read 1-on-1 with Early Reading Intervention program

  • Exchange learning resources online

  • Plan a family education workshop

  • Chaperone a field trip

  • Support classroom learning

  • Encourage our artists at the annual school-wide Holiday Card Contest


  • Contribute to newsletter or website

  • Plan a community potluck

  • Welcome new students and families

  • Join extracurricular sports, clubs

  • Help students support broader community, e.g., Terry Fox Run, Jump Rope for Heart

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  • Plan a fundraiser like Bingo for Science!

  • Invite direct donations

  • Bake for bake sales at school events

  • Bring used clothes, towels, linens to school for Bag2School fundraiser


To help us tailor our efforts to the needs of the school,

we asked families, students, and teachers for their vision.

Parent Voice

If you could tell your child's teacher anything, what would it be?

Why did we survey families?

To learn what they like about Sprucecourt and what they think is needed, in order to guide how School Council supports the school.

What did we learn?

  • Families love the teachers, community, and staff at Sprucecourt

  • They would like School Council resources to primarily go towards supporting their children’s learning

  • Opportunities for growth relate to the classroom environment, communication, and teaching

What will we focus on?

Based on what is important to Sprucecourt families, over the next ~3 years we aim to:

  • foster positive parent-teacher relationships

  • help create a welcoming environment for every student

  • help support diverse learning styles

Students Speak

How do you feel when you arrive at school?

Why did we survey students?

To understand how students feel at school and why, to tailor our efforts to their needs.

What did we learn?

  • Most students are really enjoying their year, and a few are having a tough time

  • Opportunities for growth or support relate to friendships, reading, and recess

What will we focus on?

To help create a welcoming environment, we aim to:

  • continue the Early Reading Intervention

  • support a Learning Buddy program between older and younger students

  • help encourage teamwork during recess

Teachers Talk

How can we support you?

Continue to support your children through great volunteerism and participation in school life.

Why did we survey teachers?

To gather ideas about how we can help support students and address the issues identified in the parent and student surveys.

What did we learn?

  • Teachers validated concerns raised by families and students

  • The most valuable resource would be one on one attention for students

What will we focus on?

  • Volunteer recruitment to support reading, math, special education, field trips, recess activities, and more

  • Community walks, discussions, and workshops related to special education, how to talk to kids about race, language support online, and navigating TDSB options

  • Fundraising to be able to invite external experts to help reduce bullying and discrimination


Hello Sprucecourt Alumni!

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