Who makes Sprucecourt wonderful?

In a recent survey of families, we asked,

If you could tell your child's teacher anything, what would it be?

Office Staff

Principal Jim Stathopoulos

Vice-Principal Hilary Hahn

Office Administrator Raj Dhanota

Secretary Donna Cameron (afternoon only)

Classroom Teachers

Ms. Dinoi JK/SK, Room 107

Ms. Tang JK/SK, Room 109

Ms. M. Hencz JK/SK, Room 110

Mr. Hopkins Grade 1/2, Room 104

Ms. Gavigan Grade 1/2, Room 105

Ms. LeMay Grade 2/3, Room 106

Ms. Pereira Grade 2/3, Room 101

Ms. Laughlin Grade 3/4, Room 201

Mr. Brown Grade 4/5, Room 207

Mr. Andersen Grade 6, Room 202

Mr. Olivo Grade 7/8, Room 208

Ms. Giles Grade 7/8, Room 212

Ms. S. Hencz Kindergarten Virtual School, Room 206

Ms. Campbell Grade 5/6 Virtual School, Room 214

Early Childhood Educators

Rebecca He JK/SK Room 107

Susie Dinanath JK/SK Room 109

Tanesia Haughton JK/SK Room 110

Support and Programs

Rosie Hampson French, Room 203

Sylvie Skupien French, Room 211

(To be determined) EarlyON drop in centre

Susan Franzolini Pr./Jr. Resource Support

Jessica Ha Special Education Teacher, HSP

Terrence Bristow Music and Physical Education, Room 210

Dorothy Ferreira Library/ESL

Chris Long Guidance

Alimah Sutherland Child and Youth Worker, Primary Autism

Educational Assistants

Rubina Khan

Bibi Ali (morning only)

Tanya Campbell Diagnostic Kindergarten, Room 108

Lunchroom Supervisors

Shamim Begum

Aklima Begum

Keri White

Rajee Jaya

Farhana Rahim

Shelane Marshall-Gilkes

Jasmin Abedin

Caretaking staff

Hassan Shakoor Head Caretaker

TBD Evening