Who makes Sprucecourt wonderful?

In a recent survey of families, we asked, 

If you could tell your child's teacher anything, what would it be?

Office Staff

 Principal                                 Jim Stathopoulos

 Vice-Principal                     TBD

 Office Administrator     Raj Dhanota

 Secretary                              Jasmin Abedin (afternoon only)

Classroom Teachers

Ms. Tang                         JK/SK, Room 109

Ms.  Dinoi                     JK/SK, Room 107

Ms. M. Hencz             JK/SK, Room 110

Ms. Manakis              Diagnostic JK/SK, Room 108

Ms. Catsiliras             Grade 1-3 ASD ISP ,  Room 103  

Mr. Cunningham       Grade 3-4 ASD ISP,  Room 102   

Ms. Wong                     Grade 4-6 AD ISP,  Room 204  

Ms. Gavigan                  Grade 1/2, Room 105

Ms. S. Hencz                  Grade 1/2, Room 106

Mr. Tihomirovic          Grade 1/2,  Room 104   

Ms. Maxwell                 Grade 2/3, Room 101

Mr. Hopkins                  Grade 2/3, Room 202

Ms. Arena         Grade 4/5, Room 201

Ms. Purvis       Grade 4/5, Room 206

Mr. Brown                       Grade 6, Room 207

Mr. Olivo               Grade 7/8, Room 208

Ms. Giles                           Grade 7/8, Room 212

Early Childhood Educators

Farida Yasmin                     JK/SK Room 109

Masumi Binstock              JK/SK Room 107

Tanya Campbell                 Diagnostic JK/SK Room 108

Arakel Whiteley              Grade 1-3 ASD ISP ,  Room 103    

Chantal Hughes            Grade 3-4 ASD ISP,  Room 102    

Amber Cromwell       Grade 4-6 AD ISP,  Room 204

Support and Programs

Indira Yerramilli Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT), Room 213

Sara Lemay SERT (AM), and Drama/Dance , Room 205

Dorothy Ferreira        Library(PM), and Drama/Dance, Library

Rosie Hampson          French (PM), Room 203

Sylvie Skupien             French (PM), Room 211           

Peter Whyte       PHE/Prep (AM), Gym 656

Andrew Kobus             Music/Dance/Gym, Gym 656

Educational Assistants

Keri White

Rubina Khan

Lunchroom Supervisors

Keri White 

Jasmin Abedin

Shelayne (107)

Jeevana (109)

Sultana (110)

Farhana (108)

Caretaking staff

Head Caretaker     Mike Kieliszczyk 

Caretaker                             Adrian and Terry