Wondering how to support your child's education outside of school?

Please explore the resources below, which School Council members have collected and will build on regularly.

If you have a topic you'd like added or a resource to share, please contact us.

Welcome to kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten

Summer Play Dates

Children who will be in JK or SK in September are invited to come play with future classmates and make new friends!

Dates are sent by email

Location: Sprucecourt playground

These will be informal get togethers, organized by parent volunteers. Participation is not required but we would love to see you :)

Wondering what to expect at kindergarten?

Find your answers in this booklet from the TDSB.

Registration information and more on the TDSB website here.

Starting School with Roots and Wings is a Facebook group led by Kim Marshall, a kindergarten teacher in Toronto. The group is full of resources, discussions, questions, and even workshops to help you support your 3 to 6 year-olds transition to school.

Math at home

Guide for Parents:

Exploring mathematics with your child in

Chinese (simplified), English, French, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Vietnamese, and more languages here, from the Ontario Ministry of Education

Helpful article:

by Tara Drinks from Understood

Guide for parents:

from Learning Disabilities of Ontario

More resources from LD here.

Bedtime Math is a site full of quick number fun for kids and parents to do at home, e.g., How many licks in a lollipop?

ADHD and ASD resources

General resource for learning and attention issues: Understood

ADHD-specific resources:

Video: Transforming Inclusive Education from Shelley Moore

More resources to come!

If you have resources to share with the rest of the community, please let us know!

Want to connect with another family who has a child with ASD or ADHD?

Please contact us and we will put you in touch.

English language support

We will include local resources for families learning English.

Language Buddies:

Contact us if you would like us to introduce your child to another student who speaks the same language at home. Having a Language Buddy may help your child feel more comfortable and confident at school.

Some of the languages we have at the school are:

Bengali, Urdu, Tamil, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and many more!

Learning to read


Call 416-395-5400 to listen to a story by phone for FREE anytime.

Available in 16 languages: English, French, Cantonese, Gujarati, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Tagalog, and Urdu. Learn more on the Toronto Public Library website.



Grades 3 and 6 Sprucecourt students will write them May 23rd to 30th, 2019.

Who has to take the EQAO test?

All students in publicly funded schools must participate in these tests. Students don’t need to study for the test—we just ask them to demonstrate what they already know.

How does the EQAO test differ from the classroom tests?

Classroom tests provide regular, rich, comprehensive measure of your child’s progress over a short period of time. They allow teachers to adjust their approach to teaching throughout the year.

EQAO assessments are given to assess student achievement compared to a provincial standard. They are standardized across the province, with the same: questions asked, skills tested, administration, scoring, and reporting. They allow schools to evaluate the longer term efficacy of different teaching approaches.

How can I support my child in writing the test?

By supporting his or her success at school throughout the year.

How do I make the best use of the results?

Discuss them with your child's teacher. Together you can review how the EQAO results compare with classroom evaluations. You can also discuss your child’s overall progress.

Questions you may wish to ask your child’s teacher at the next parent/teacher interview:

  • How does my child’s EQAO performance compare with others in the classroom?
  • How can I offer additional support to my child at home?

Transitioning to high school

Open Houses & Information Nights 2019-2020

Nov 19, 6 PM - Jarvis Collegiate

Nov 20, 6:30 PM - Central Technical School

Nov 28, 6 PM - Monarch Park (IB)

Jan 20, 6 PM - Downtown Alternative School


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